Who are we?

Our Mission

ProLab Engineering © offers unique autonomous devices, Unnamed Aerial or Ground Vehicles (UAV or UGV), that can be modified according to precise customer needs. The offered devices are complemented by control systems using data customization implemented into user-friendly systems according to specific customer requirements.

The design and manufacturing of UAV or UGV systems equipped with appropriate detection types of equipment customized for special deployment conditions are an integral part of the services provided by ProLab Engineering ©.
The offered complex device with controlling software works independently of foreign systems without logging or saving outside the home-secured net and uses only certified components manufactured outside China.

CE Industries

is a dynamic industrial holding company operating in the European markets of rail transport, raw material recycling and energy. It develops today’s industry for a sustainable future, emphasising responsibility, sustainability and respect for the environment and human society. CE Industries consists of twenty companies with more than 2,500 employees. CE Industries was founded and managed by businessman Jaroslav Strnad, in addition to CE Industries, Jaroslav Strnad also founded the Czechoslovak Group. https://www.ce.industries

Company structure

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