Production facility

ProLab Engineering © is able to mass-produce offered technologies in its fully equipped workshops using the most modern manufacturing processes. The production capacity of ProLab Engineering © is about five hundred units a month.
ProLab Engineering © proudly declares itself to adhere to the vision and ideas of Industry 4.0 and has its internal approaches set up to eliminate negative environmental impacts.


is an autonomous or semi-autonomous unmanned ground vehicle with a three-point hitch designed for small and medium-sized farmers but not for them only. It uses an electric drive unit or a hybrid energy unit. This solution applies the latest technical innovations in autonomous machines, electromobility and agricultural technology. It also offers ease of use, cost-effectiveness and low operating costs with eco-friendly operation and a low or zero carbon footprint.
Working time (max, empty) of 20 hours, range up to 100 km, weight of 250 kg, max speed of 10 km/h, payload of 250kg


is a VTOL no-runway aeroplane designed for a large area. The driving system uses some unit as Compacthor. Open source software – possibility to free adjustment and tuning of internal driving sw – absolutely free. Without a no-fly zone and without the necessity of logging into any servers.


is a universal carrier drone (quadrocopter) with the possibility of folding into transport size.
A max payload of 25kg, a flying time (empty) of 45 min, a driving system – open source – for an upgrade, without a no-fly zone, without the necessity of logging into any servers.

Our services

The training of the operators, the data processors and other associated professions are part of our services.
ProLab Engineering © is also involved in developing and applying advanced forms of drone control, including artificial intelligence.

Research and Science

Research and Science are crucial for keeping up ProLab Engineering © with the latest world scientific development.
World-renowned scientists lead our research teams with a vision of transforming the latest scientific findings into developing unique technological systems of ProLab Engineering ©. Our technological development uses the most modern science and research approaches, such as numerical simulations or neural networks.

Application of ProLab Engineering systems

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